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EPA Method 21 Subpart W
Tackle Method 21 with the Gas-Rover or the Gas-Explorer



Method 21 is an EPA protocol for monitoring all green house gases to ensure that fugitive emissions are identified and eliminated. Subpart W pertains to only the petroleum and natural gas industry. Subpart W requires annual survey of valves, connectors, open ended lines, pressure relieve valves, meters, regulators, pumps, flanges and other equipment with intrinsically safe leak detectors. Natural gas leaks greater than 10,000 ppm (1% gas) must be reported. Additionally, rule 98.237 requires that the following records are kept: (a) date on which measurements were conducted, (b) results of all emissions detected and measurements, and (c) calibration reports for detection and measurements instruments used.

For such a detailed process there couldn’t be a better instrument than the Gas-Rover or the Gas-Explorer. Both are intrinsically safe, easy to use, accurate—1 ppm resolution for the Gas-Rover, 20 ppm for the Gas-Explorer—tools that enabled workers to get the job done quickly and safely. Both instruments record: time, date, mode of operation—and with the GPS option—location of all readings as well as the last twenty-four calibrations on the unit’s internal flash memory. With DataLink4Access or NCal4Access, much of EPA Method 21 Subpart W’s paperwork can be generated with just a click of a button.

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