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State-of-the-art, Easy to Use Gas Detectors


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The Gas-Explorer™ natural gas and combined natural gas, CO, O2 and H2S detectors are intrinsically safe, microprocessor based instruments designed to test ambient air and flue gas over a wide temperature range. Gas Explorers are housed in a high-impact, ergonomic case, yet weigh only 24oz (680g).

Working features


  • Three button operation (no menus) and an on-board operating manual
  • Automatic storage of up to 6 months of time and mode-stamped operating data
  • Automatic storage of calibration data from the last 24 calibrations
  • A USB interface for data transfer and docking calibration

Bottom Line

An affordable, rugged, accurate, easy to use detector for both construction and service personnel.



Gas Explorer - Portable Gas Detector BrochureBrochure - PDF

Gas Explorer - Portable Gas Detector Specifications and ModelsSpecifications and Models - PDF

Gas Explorer - Portable Gas Detector Specifications and ModelsHow Bascom-Turner Natural Gas Sensors Work - PDF

Gas Explorer - Portable Gas Detector Specifications and ModelsOperating Manual - PDF

Material Safety Data Sheets


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