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Mobile Compliance System
One-gas Calibration for Gas-Rovers and Gas-Explorers

Mount in any vehicle



The Mobile Compliance System is the first calibration station to calibrate all sensors with a single tank of gas. On screen prompts walk users through the calibration procedure, and in less than three minutes, users can calibrate their detector and be back on the job. The last 24 calibrations are stored on a Gas-Rover or Gas-Explorer’s internal flash memory, and data can be downloaded and accessed on any PC or mobile device with DataLink4Access.

Working Features

  • Calibrate all sensors with a single tank of gas in under three minutes
  • Non-flammable calibration gas, safe for transport
  • Hundreds of calibrations per cylinder
  • Move from place to place or mount a MCS box in any vehicle

Data Solutions

  • Last 24 calibrations are stored on Gas-Rover or Gas-Explorer’s internal flash memory
  • Download data via USB or Bluetooth to any PC or mobile device with DataLink4Access
  • Store and access data on any local or networked PC
  • Manage data and generate custom calibration reports with DataLink4Access

Bottom Line

The perfect solution to a growing mobile workforce.

NCal4Access Networked Calibration
Calibration Docking Stations Integrated in LAN or WAN



The NCal system is fully compatible with LAN or WAN networks. Simply insert a Gas-Rover, Explorer, Ranger or Sentry and let the docking station calibrate the unit, clean the methane sensor with our patented Boost Gas, update the unit’s software, and download its field data.

Working Features

  • Enables calibration in three simple steps taking less than 2 minutes
  • Automatically downloads calibration and field data during each dock
  • Critical reports, e.g., calibration due, automatically emailed to supervisors
  • Easily manage your system with the NCal4Access software suite
  • Fully integrates to any LAN or WAN network


  • Data polled, viewed and printed from any desktop
  • Calibration tank monitoring with low gas volume notification
  • Generates pre-formatted, professional reports
  • Options include: patented Boost Gas for conditioning methane sensors, PIN code entry for security, and backup on Bascom-Turner's FTP server

Bottom Line

A user-friendly, time-saving system for technicians and supervisors alike.


Gas Ranger - Portable Gas Detector Models and Specifications Sensor Boosting with NCAL - PDF

Gas Ranger - Portable Gas Detector Models and Specifications How BT Natural Gas Sensors Work - PDF


  Stand-Alone Calibration

Bascom-Turner offers a full complement of calibration gases and regulators. Gases are certified to a high level of accuracy and are in stock. All Bascom-Turner products can be automatically calibrated using these gases.


A full range of calibration accessories is also available.


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