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Bluetooth Functionality
Wireless communication for Rovers, Explorers and so much more



Gas-Rovers and Gas-Explorers equipped with Bluetooth, can wirelessly communicate with Bascom-Turner's NCAL docking stations and other Bluetooth enabled devices. Wireless data transfer streamlines the calibration process, and Bluetooth equipped Gas-Rovers and Gas-Explorers can push real-time data to a PC or handheld device.

Working Features

  • Transfer speeds up to 115KB/sec
  • Internal antenna
  • Bluetooth equipped NCAL Docks use a special "dongle" that only communicates with Bascom-Turner devices
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled PCs, PDAs and handheld GPS devices


  • Current Gas-Rovers, Gas-Explorers and NCAL Docking stations can be retro-fitted with Bluetooth antennas and dongles

Bottom Line

Real-time wireless connectivity is closer than you think.



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