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WF-305 Dust and Water-block Filter for Gas-Ranger and Gas-Sentry (5/pkg)

WF-505 Dust & Water-Block Filter for Gas-Rover and Gas-Explorer (5/pkg)

WF-205 WF-205 Dust & Water-block Filter for Plastic Gooseneck Probes (5/pkg)

  • WF-605 Dust & Water-block filter for Plastic Gooseneck on Hose (5/pkg)

WS-001 WS-001 Water Stopper with Push Button Water Release

FF-005 FF-005 Standard Flue Gas Filter for Standard & Long Flue Probes (5/pkg.)

  • FF-105 Extended Duty Flue Gas Filter for Extended Duty Flue Probe (5/pkg)
  • FF-205 Small NOx and H2S Filter for Standard Probe (5/pkg)
  • FF-305 Small Flue Gas Filter for FP-112 (5/pkg)

HF-005 HF-005 Heavy Hydrocarbon Filter - Refillable (5/pkg)

  • HR-050 Activated Carbon & Spare Retaining Disks (50 refills of HF-005)
  • HF-105 Plastic Nuts for Heavy Hydrocarbon Filter

IF-105 IF-105 Inlet Filter and Threaded Air Intake for Gas-Sentry (5/pkg)

IF-205 IF-205 Inlet Filter and Quick Connect Air Intake for Gas-Sentry (5/pkg)

IF-305 IF-305 Inlet Filter and Quick Connect Air Intake for Gas-Ranger (5/pkg)

QF-501 QF-501 Quick Connect Fitting for Gas-Explorer

  • IF-705 Inlet filter and Quick Connect Air Intake (5/pkg) For Gas-Rover and Gas-Explorer

BF-001 BF-001 Bar Hole Filter for Gas-Rover

DS-001 DS-001 Dust-stopper (with replacable filter)

DF-105 DF-105 Replacement Dust Filters (5/pkg)

DF-205 DF-205 Dust Filters for Gooseneck Probes (5/pkg)


MS-001 MS-001 Methane Sensor for Gas-Sentry (except CGC-300 & 310)

MS-002 MS-002 Methane Sensor for CGC-300 and CGC-310

MS-302 MS-302 Methane Sensor for Gas-Ranger

MS-501 MS-501 Methane Sensor for Gas-Explorer

MS-601 MS-601 Methane Sensor for Gas-Rover

  • MS-101 Combustible Gas Sensor (for CGA-501)
  • PS-001 Propane Sensor (for CPI-201 and CPC-301)
  • PS-401 Combustible Gas Sensor (for CGA-401)

CO-001 CO-001 Carbon Monoxide Sensor for all CO detectors except CGA series

CO-002 CO-002 Carbon Monoxide Sensor for CGA series detectors

CO-301 CO-301 Combined CO/H2S Sensor for Gas Ranger, Rover and Explorer

CO-302 CO-302 Carbon Monoxide Sensor for RGA-611 or 612

OS-001 OS-001 Oxygen Sensor (for CGO-321)

OS-002 OS-002 Oxygen Sensor (for CGA series detectors)

  • OS-301 Oxygen Sensor for Gas Ranger
  • OS-501 Oxygen Sensor for Gas Rover and Explorer

HS-301 HS-301

Replacement Parts, Manuals and Videos

CD-001 CD-001 CD Training Video - Sentry & Ranger (operation, sampling, calibration)

PD-305 PD-305 Pump Head and Diaphragm Assembly for Ranger (5 sets/pkg)

  • PD-205 Pump Head and Diaphragm Assembly for Sentry (5 sets/pkg)
  • PD-505 Pump Head and Diaphragmr Assembly for Rover and Explorer (5 sets/pkg)
  • PM-001 Pump Motor with Connector
  • PM-101 Low Current Pump Motor (for CGA-501 & CGA-512A)
  • PA-201 Pump Assembly for Gas-Sentry with Installation Procedure (without motor)
  • IM-### Intake Manifold with PPD-305 Pump Head and Diaphragm and Alarm(### = Model Number of Detector)
  • AC-### ABS Case (without BC-001, ### = Model Number of Detector)
  • BC-001 Battery Compartment Cover
  • CB-### Main Circuit Board (### = Model Number of Detector)
  • RP-002 Rubber Plugs (set of 2)
  • OM-300.V2 Operating Manual for CGC-300 & 310, CGI-200
  • OM-797 Operating Manual for D-CAL
  • OM-895 Operating Manual for CPI-201 & CPC-301
  • OM-1102 Operating Manual for CO-150, CM-120, CGO-321, CGC-301 & 311, CGI-201 & 211
  • OM-0100 Operating Manual for CGA-411 & CGA-412
  • OM-1195-1 Operating Manual for CGA-401
  • OM-0798 Operating Manual for CGA-501

Carryalls and Instrument Cases

CC-001CC-001 Gas-Sentry Carryall with Pouch, Shoulder Strap & Detachable Window

DW-001 DW-001 Detachable Clear Window for CC-001

SS-001 SS-001 Shoulder Strap for Gas-Sentry

IC-301 IC-301 Instrument Case for Gas-Ranger

  • RB-001 Rubber Boot with Shoulder Strap & Belt Clip
  • IC-001 Instrument Case for Gas-Sentry Detectors (16"x13"x6")
  • IC-101 Small Instrument Case for Gas-Sentry Detectors (14"x9"x4")
  • IC-501 Instrument Case for Gas Rover and Explorer
  • GC-001 Calibration Gas Case (holds a calibration apparatus and spare tank)

Accessories for Calibration and Maintenance

BG-005 BG-005 Two in One Bump Gas (5/pkg)

MC-105 MC-105 Methane and CO Calibration Gas (2.5% CH4 & 100 ppm CO) 105 Liters

MC-620 MC-620 Methane and CO Calibration Gas (2.5% CH4 & 100 ppm CO) 620 Liters

BG-620 BG-620 Boost Gas (580 liters)

  • BG-840 Boost Gas (8400 liters)
  • PCA-001 Manual Methane and CO Calibration Apparatus (with MC-105 & FR-001)
  • CAP-001 Manual Propane and CO Calibration Apparatus (with PC-105 & FR-001)
  • HCA-001 Manual Pentane and CO Calibration Apparatus (with HC-105 & FR-001)
  • CGD-001 Automatic Calibration Gas Dispenser (connects only to manual apparatus)
  • BGA-302 Boost Gas Assembly (with BG-620 & FR-402)
  • CT-100 Calibration Tags (2" x 1", 100/pkg.)
  • AC-001 A-CAL Upgrade for Gas-Sentry
  • DC-001 D-CAL Upgrade for Gas-Sentry
  • BF-001 Boost Gas Firmware
  • DA-001 Daisy Chain Adapter for Simultaneously Boosting 2 Gas-Sentry Detectors
  • TB-512 Threaded Hose Barb (with 3 feet of tubing)
  • PC-105 Propane and CO Calibration Gas (1.05% Propane & 100 ppm CO)
  • HC-105 Pentane and CO Calibration Gas (0.75% Pentane & 100 ppm CO)
  • HN-105 Non-flammable Methane Simulant (31% Helium in Nitrogen)
  • MH-105 Hydrogen Sulfide in Methane Simulant (58 liters)
  • FR-001 Low Flow Regulator for 105 liter tanks (500 cc./min.)
  • FR-401 On-Demand Regulator for MC-620
  • FR-402 On-demand Regulator for Boost Gas BG-620 and BG-840


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